Best SEO Learning Websites

Discover the best SEO learning websites
Discover the best SEO learning websites

The content writing industry and SEO are new fields, so new developments and new standards are likely to come to the fore any day. Fortunately, there are plenty of SEO learning websites out there dedicated to teaching SEO and developing the skills needed to produce the best readable content possible.

These sites specialize in providing a comprehensive guide and documented studies in order to help the user understand all the rules and points related to SEO. Through this article from Best 4 SEO, you will discover the best SEO learning websites, which you can take advantage of to develop your content and increase traffic to your website.

1. Google Analytics Academy

There is certainly no place that can guide you in the best way to lead Google search results better than Google itself. Google Analytics Academy is a platform that is considered one of the best SEO learning websites and specially designed to offer free courses aimed at developing the SEO skills. Obtaining a Google Analytics Academic certificate requires passing the beginner and advanced levels of learning, then achieving a passing score in the Google Analytics Academic exam, and then obtaining the certificate.

2. HubSpot Academy

HubSpot Academy is a platform launched by the HubSpot Company to present its educational content that covers all aspects that you want to know about SEO. If you want to develop your SEO skills, then HubSpot Academy is a great website where you can learn all the necessary aspects of SEO. You can get free courses and training programs covering various topics such as keyword research, website content optimization, internal links building, and many other aspects.

3. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn is a famous application that specializes in displaying job opportunities available in all cities of the world. After it was noticed that the jobs of SEO specialists and content writers had increased significantly on the application, the company decided to launch LinkedIn Learning, with the aim of increasing awareness in this field offering unique educational opportunities for those interested. LinkedIn Learning offers free courses and educational videos for all sub-topics in SEO such as keyword research and strategies that boost your traffic on your website.

4. Wordtracker Academy

Wordtracker Academy is of the SEO learning websites that is known for its detailed explanation and useful guides in terms of searching for target keywords, identifying related keywords, and preparing an appropriate and effective keyword targeting plan to increase traffic on your website and improve content, but that’s not all. Wordtracker Academy provides comprehensive educational content on every related topic to SEO and is divided into 7 main topics, which are as follows:

5. Semrush

SEO experts and professionals in this field have full confidence and credibility in Semrush to be one of the best SEO learning websites due to the wonderful educational content they provide and the perfect guidance in keyword research, website optimization, internal link building, backlinks, and many other topics. With Semrush, you can download comprehensive guides covering all hot topics related to SEO. In addition, there are also many online courses whose certificates you can get authenticated from Semrush.

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