Sadi Kıvanç Öncel

Sadi Kıvanç Öncel

Kivanc Oncel

Software Expert

Sadi Kıvanç Öncel

I have been a web developer for as long as I can remember. It is my passion in life.

I used to teach classes for enthusiastic new students.

One of my dear students, Cesur, came to me one day and asked if I am interested in working for his brother’s Start-up company and my answer was immediately Yes!

Ever since, I have been working with this wonderful team at Best 4 SEO Company and I feel like I have another family here.

My other family at home is my wife and my beautiful daughter Nil whom I am glad that I make her proud everyday.

One of my biggest hobbies other than computers is video games, whenever I have free time I can’t get enough of first-person shooters.