Facebook Advertising

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Facebook Advertising

It is no surprise that Facebook is among the most popular social media platforms worldwide, with around 2.9 billion active users.

But are you exploiting this number for your business? If not, it is time to talk to our Facebook Advertising specialists and start building that unconscious bond with your target market as they swipe, like and share your brand.

The more visible you are, the more clicks you get, thus, higher conversion rates.

With hundreds of million of users logging into their Facebook Accounts daily, placing Facebook ads would be a smart marketing move.

Benefits of Facebook Advertising

  • Huge Market (over 2.9 billion active users)
  • Targeted advertisement
  • Budget-friendly
  • Many advertising options available on Facebook
  • Gives you insight into your target customers
  • Increase brand awareness

Facebook Marketing: Why Do It?

Before we mention the types of Facebook Advertising services, we must inform you of the importance of Facebook Marketing.

New Medium For Promotion

When it comes to reaching new potential customers, the more channels you are visible on, the merrier.

Facebook, just like any other channels (Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter…) opens a new market for you.

Those who haven’t found your website while searching online for a service you provide, might find your page on Facebook instead.

An Extension of Your Site

Apart from being a new medium to showcase your brand, having a Company Account on Facebook gives you the freedom to add posts, images or anything else that is considered an extension to your website.

Whatever you feel doesn’t fit on the website, might be perfect as a Facebook Post.

Better Customer Communication

In general, social media is approached as a friendly and informal method of communication.

This helps you draw a more effective communication with your customers as you will not necessarily be bound by the etiquette of business communication.

The conversation will seem more natural and spontaneaus.

Surely, everything within limits and whilst still serving your purpose and that is, helping the clients and providing effective and efficient customer service.

Facebook Ad Services: What Options Do We Offer?

The days of cold-calling and texting your clients to get them to know your brand are long gone.
Facebook advertising services offer numerous possibilities for which you can reach customers without feeling like you are begging.
The secret is, giving the right message to the right group.

It is important to determine your target customers based on their socio-demographic characteristics.
After segmentation, you can choose one of the below Facebook Ads methods:

Photo Facebook Ad

Placing a single image that your potential customers will see while scrolling their feed is a good way to promote any campaigns you have.

Video Facebook Ads

Maximize your brand exposure with image, sound and motion as videos capture the eye of users checking Facebook everyday.

Carousel Facebook Ad

Try showcasing multiple products or tell a story by displaying multiple videos or images in one Carousel ad.

Slideshow Facebook Advertisement

The slideshow advertisement is accessible and easy to make, so you don’t have to spend extra time and money on the production of your content.

Instant Experience Ads

Facebook Instant Experiences, formerly Canvas, load instantly and are mobile-optimized to grab your audience’s attention. People can watch entertaining videos and photos, swipe through carousels, and browse lifestyle images with tagged products in an Instant.

Collection Facebook Advertisement

With this type of advertisement you can highlight multiple products or a story. The interaction with collection ads is usually high, so this form of advertising is definitely worth trying.

Lead Ads

With lead ads, you can collect more info about your target customers and what interests them

Dynamic Ads

It is like a catalogue ad on Facebook that shows one or more of our products and through it, users can go directly to your online store.

Link Facebook Ads

This is similar to the concept of backlinks in SEO services (خدمة سيو). You simply use other Facebook Pages to link them to your site, or even your page.

Facebook Advertising Services With Best 4 SEO

9 options is a lot to choose from right? Well it all depends on who your audience is and what services/products you offer.

Best 4 SEO (شركة سيو) Facebook Advertising Services help you generate more visitors and use Facebook more effectively to generate higher conversion rates.

As we mentioned earlier, there are around 2.9 billions of active Facebook users, millions of which are from Arab Countries, as Facebook is by far the most famous social media platform in the Arab World.

So let us help you get started with this fruitful Facebook journey.

Give us a call and talk to one of our social media specialists.

Facebook Advertising Services FAQ

What are your Facebook Advertising Services?

We offer nine different Facebook Advertisement types which are photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, slideshow, canvas, collection ads, lead ads dynamic and link ads.

How much do Facebook ads usually cost?

The cost of Facebook Advertisement depends on the bidding strategy. You can pay per click on the ad or per mile (per 1000 impressions) or per like. As for our Facebook Advertising services, it depends on the process and the monitoring and the period of time. We can discuss this in person or over a phone call.

Do Facebook Ads really work?

Sure they do! Facebook ads have a high level of audience targeting as the number of users on the platform is over 2.9 billion. They are also measurable and with the right strategy, they can be very effective in creating brand awareness.

What are the benefits of Facebook Advertising Services?

Facebook Advertising Services are budget-friendly, they offer you many advertising options (الإعلانات الرقمية) , they give you insight into your target customers and with its huge market, you can easily increase brand awareness.

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amani itani


amani itani

To reduce ad costs and improve Facebook ad performance, consider implementing the following strategies: refine your targeting to reach a more relevant audience, use compelling ad creatives and engaging copy, conduct A/B testing to optimize your ads, optimize your landing page for conversions, and monitor and adjust your ad campaigns regularly based on performance metrics like click-through rates, conversions, and return on ad spend (ROAS).

amani itani

Facebook offers various targeting options and audience segmentation strategies that can be effective. Some examples include using custom audiences to target specific groups of people based on their interactions with your business, creating lookalike audiences to reach new users similar to your existing customers, and utilizing detailed targeting options to refine your audience based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. Experimenting with different targeting combinations can help you find the most effective approach for your specific campaign goals.

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Are there any tips or tricks to reduce ad costs and improve the overall performance of my Facebook ads?

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Are there any targeting options or audience segmentation strategies that work particularly well on Facebook?

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