8 SEO Keyword Tools you Must Know December 29, 2022

Best SEO Keyword Tools

If you want to become a high-level SEO specialist, then there is no doubt that you need to be fully aware of all the secrets of good keyword research. Today, you don’t need to put in a lot of effort because there are many SEO keyword tools available that help you greatly.

Find Out the Best SEO Keyword tools

These SEO keyword tools help you prepare a keyword plan based on SEO strategies and rules. In addition, it is necessary to use the analyses performed by these tools while searching for the target keywords and the search volume it has and to identify the related keywords. In this article from Best 4 SEO, you will learn about the best SEO keyword tools.

1. MOZ

MOZ SEO is one of the most popular keyword research tools. Through the Keyword Planner, you can search for the target keyword and know the search volume and CTR that each keyword gets. This tool is preferred by SEO marketing professionals since it is easy to use on one hand, and because it can provide broad results that are easy to analyse and build a good marketing keyword scheme on the other hand.

2. Semrush

It is no exaggeration to describe Semrush as an SEO encyclopaedia in which you can develop all aspects of the content you produce. One of the biggest features of this encyclopaedia is the Semrush SEO keyword tool, which is considered as the best keyword research tool for competitive keyword analysis. Through the Semrush SEO keyword tool adn the feature of Keywords Gap it offers , you can identify the search volume for each keyword and compare between your website and the competing ones, which makes a clearer view of your future working plans and the way you should develop your SEO content.

3. Wincher

If you are looking for one of the best SEO keyword tools for optimising SEO for your entire website, you must know that Wincher is one of the best available option for you. You can search for keywords by clicking on the “Keyword Search” option and find out the volume of searches for your target keywords. You can also arrange and filter the results according to the criterion you are looking for, whether it is the search volume, competition or CTR. Wincher keyword research tool also provides suggestions for related keywords and shows you what keywords you need to work on to optimise your website. 

4. RankIQ

RankIQ is the favourite SEO keyword tool for beginners or non-professionals. What is the reason for this? Well, the reason behind this is simply that RankIQ presents the results of the targeted keywords search in a simple way that is easy to understand, analyse and prepare an action plan suitable for non-professionals based on its results. You can easily, through the keyword research features in RankIQ, find keywords that have a potential high search volume with no big competition in them. These types of keywords are best suited for beginners to embark on their journey as SEO specialists with.

5. Get Keywords

Get Keywords is definitely one of the best SEO keyword tools to search for local SEO. With Get Keywords, you can specify the country, governorate, or even the city that you want to know about the search results for, and you will get the search results in a very detailed and useful way.

6. KWFinder

Mangools, a company known for making the best keyword research tools in all categories, made KWFinder. You can start with their guide for beginners.

The KWFinder platform makes it easy to find keywords that are easy to rank for in SEO. It also has a lot of other useful features.

Things that stand out

  • A unique user interface that is easy to use
  • Find keywords in any target language, anyplace.
  • Choose from the list of highly effective keywords.
  • Find out the exact numbers for keyword competition.
  • A detailed look at SERPs and a list of suggestions
  • Use filters to narrow down the list of suggested keywords.


KWFinder is one of 5 SEO tools that come with the Mangools package. This seo keyword tools only lets you do a few searches for free. If you choose an annual plan, you can save up to 40% on any one of their three subscriptions.

  • Basic – $30 (freelancers and small businesses)
  • Premium – $40 (new startups and blogs)
  • $80 for agency (eCommerce stores and heavy sites)

7. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

Ahrefs is one of the best seo keyword tools that content creators can use to find keywords. The platform gives the user a broad keyword report and uses clickstream data to come up with unique click metrics.

Things that stand out

  • Correct keyword score for difficulty
  • 1,000+ keyword suggestions
  • Used in more than 171 countries
  • How to use click metrics to improve CTR
  • Detailed look at SERPs


There are four price plans for Ahrefs. If you choose an annual payment plan, the rates for freelancers, online marketers, mid-sized businesses, and bigger brands start at just $83 per month.

On both their Lite and Standard plans, you can try them out for $7 for 7 days.

8. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a simple keyword tool with a few basic features. Even though it doesn’t have a lot of features, it is one of the most accurate places to get keyword data. The information comes straight from Google, and the results work well with AdSense.

Things that stand out

Use “top of page” bid range to find commercial keywords.

Exact number of searches from Google’s search engine

Best option for websites for businesses


You can use Google Keyword Planner for free.

What are the best SEO keyword tools?

You can’t say enough good things about keyword research, and the options you just read about are some of the best keyword research SEO keyword tools on the market right now.

To find the right one for your business, you should first look at your budget and then think about the main goal of your SEO strategy.

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