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We Are A Multilingual SEO Agency

As an international SEO Agency (شركة سيو), we aim to help aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups, as well as Scaleup companies in the region, trump the competition and enforce their digital presence via thorough use of strategies, tactics, and online tools.

Our SEO Company Services (خدمات سيو)extend worldwide. So, results & revenue will be delivered to you anywhere.

So whether you want to build a new website rom scratch, or drive more traffic to your website or whatever digital goal you wish to reach, we will be happy to help and teach you!

How it all Started?

Officially, we opened our doors on February 4th, 2020, but the history of the company goes back to 2013 when Özgür Sevgin, an SEO specialist (خبير سيو) decided it was time to put his expertise into use and establish a company where his knowledge is shared and used to help other companies improve their online presence.

Thus, Best 4 SEO was born, starting with only Özgür and one other employee who handled content writing on a couple of websites of their own and gradually this tiny team grew over the years. Many have come, many have passed, but today we are a small company of around 15 employees spread around the MENA region, some of which who work online and other who work from our office at Folkart Towers, one of Izmir’s biggest business centers located at the heart of Bayraklı.

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We Thrive To Deliver Results

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Get To Know Us

Mission & Vision

Right from the start, our aim was to help our clients improve their online presence by applying various SEO (السيو) techniques like content management, backlinks, link-building, keyword research and various other techniques to achieve long-lasting top ranks on SERPs.

Our long-term goal is to keep building our team and client base and ultimately become the best SEO company in the MENA region.

Our Values

We stand by our Company Values and we expect reciprocality:

  • Shared Success
  • Innovation
  • Transparency
  • Fairness
  • Flexibility
  • Dedication
  • ROI Focus
  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Winning Mentality

Our Approach

Wondering how we do our work?

Let us show you what our SEO Company Approach looks like in these 5 simple steps.

Site SEO Health

Before we begin working together, we give you a report regarding your site’s general SEO health to see what areas need improvement.


The next step is to have a meeting with you to get acquainted and familiarized with your company and your audience and what targets you wish to achieve. You will also get to know us too. This is the first step in establishing trust between us and our clients.


After getting acquainted with each other we will drive out a plan and strategy together that is in line with your business plan, vision, mission, and of course that will lead to results.


Our team will begin to develop and apply these strategies immediately and we will be more than happy to keep you in the loop of what is going on. After all, transparency is key in building trust.


The work is not done yet, it is never done actually with SEO. We will monitor the results of our applied SEO techniques on your website and make sure that they have been proven effective. Then we will give you another SEO Report of your website which will definitely have a higher score than the initial one before our team of specialists dived into your site.

Best 4 SEO Employees

Meet Our Team

Cesur Sevgin

Web Developer

Amani Itani

SEO Specialist

Serkan Dayan

Graphic Designer

Lama Younes

SEO Copywriter

Meryem Sevde Muş

Web Developer

Gülistan Ekinci

Backlink Expert

Bashar Al Mohamad

SEO Copywriter

Rania Al Maouf

SEO Copywriter